The Four I’s of the Black Man

In February 2021, while working on a different project, I was prompted to create a book for men, from men, about men. So many times, society assumes that men ought to naturally be strong no matter what they face, and if/when they show vulnerability, it is typically not well-received.

Additionally, I felt that the history of black people (the way our children learn it) should include some “everyday heroes” – men who are doing great things, helping to establish a moral code and maintain family values, but may not be recognized because they are not celebrities.

I initially set out to write a compilation consisting of black man interviews; after my second one, I knew that more should be done with the content. So, I decided to also create a documentary to help capture a more complete essence of this topic. Although these 28 men collectively hail from 12 states; ages range from 30-70; possess drastically different professions (blue collar, white collar, and everything in between), I was quite surprised how just the fact that they were all black men in America enabled them to have such similar stories.

On February 28, 2022, I hosted a private screening of my documentary at the Cinema Chatham theatre on 87th Street in Chicago to celebrate the 28 gentlemen, in what I affectionately called, The Black Man Extravaganza!!! Men from Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, as well as various parts of the Chicagoland area attended.

This documentary is now AWARD-WINNING… both nationally and internationally!!!

Click the link if you would like to buy/rent, The Four I’s of the Black Man

Because of the overwhelming reception and response of the film, my desire is to host Black Man Summits. These events will provide a safe space for men to view the documentary, discuss the book, Being A Black Man… It’s Harder than You Think, and share their feelings about the current state of affairs and various issues they endure. The summits will not be held solely in Chicago, but in various states across the country. Please complete the contact form if you are interested in hosting a summit for your group/organization.

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