Social Activist

Activist – “A person who campaigns to bring about political or social change.”

Never in a million years would I have ever considered myself an activist… I mean, it’s just not how I thought of myself, or a word I would’ve used to describe myself – until I looked it up!

Once I read that, I thought, duh… I’m absolutely, unapologetically an activist. No, you probably won’t find me marching in the front lines, but I have a strong stance on many of the things that go on in the world, and I use my platforms and influence to affect change in a positive way.

Being black, I’ve had the opportunity to see how other ethnicities view us. Being a woman, I’ve experienced what our male counterparts think of us. So, needless to say, being a black woman definitely proves to be “interesting”… and to be a black boss lady, well, that’s something that not everyone is able to understand.

Typically, I have been one to root for the underdog; I gravitate naturally towards those who are shunned or discriminated against – perhaps, because I can easily relate. So, I make it my mission, not to be a victim or throw pity parties, but to find a way to thrive DESPITE the obstacles. And beyond that, my life’s work is to empower others to do the same.

I’m the founder of a few organizations, and though the demographics may differ, the common denominator is educating individuals about their purpose and equipping them with whatever necessary to walk in it!