Self-Help Publications

How to Communicate with Your Kids – $6.95

From infancy to adolescence, this book is designed to teach effective communication techniques that will help you better understand your child, and secure a lasting relationship. 

How to Communicate with Your Partner – $6.95

This book discusses how becoming a master of communication will solve any problem you face. Whether personal or professional, discover effective communication techniques that can enhance your relationships.

Learning to Love Me – $14.95

For generations it seems, women have struggled to love themselves. Despite positive characteristics, traits, and contributions, we tend to dwell on our flaws and shortcomings. Many of us were raised by women who encouraged us to embrace our beauty, both inside and out, while ironically enough, they were also conflicted. Learning to Love Me chronicles the personal experiences of 20 women, all with distinct backgrounds – age, race, social status and even geographic location. Regardless of those differences, the commonality that overwhelmingly unites them is the ability to overcome the obstacle that has at one point or another plagued us all. They have joined forces to share their journeys with the hope of encouraging readers to know that no matter the hardship, succeeding in life begins with self-love. After all, how can you truly love someone else unless and until you first love yourself. *Make it a bundle and get the book AND creative writing journal for only $20.

Being an Authorpreneur: How to Succeed in the Book Business – $14.95

Using a decade of experience, this book is designed to provide tips to help authors succeed in the literary industry. This guide includes information on writing the book; getting it published (which incorporates a breakdown of traditional vs. self-publishing processes); marketing; promotion; sales; even knowing your rights! Every entrepreneur can benefit from this book. If you want to learn how to succeed from someone who has already done it, and save yourself a lot of money and frustration, you will definitely want to buy this book! *Make it a bundle and get the book AND The Entrepreneur’s Journal for only $20.