Relationship Titles

Pleasing Your Partner: A Spiritual Guide to H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S.

Ranking me #3 as the National Black Book Festival’s Best New Author in 2011, this book discusses many of the issues that most relationships face. From financial hardship, to infidelity, to lack of communication, all of these problems can be conquered by adhering to the principles of this book. Every couple, whether just starting out, or on a continuous journey can benefit from this spiritual guide to h.a.p.p.i.n.e.s.s.


She’s Out. I’m In.

Abuse. Blended Families. Communication. Money. Self-Esteem. Setting Boundaries. Trust. What do they all have in common? Regardless of age, race, or economic status, these issues typically plague all relationships. The difference, however, is the way the situations are addressed, and ultimately resolved. Encountered bumps in the road regarding your relationship? How did you handle it? Did you leave or did you stay? Still trying to decide exactly what to do? Your solution may be lurking inside…


The Race to the Ring: The Seven Cs of a Successful Courtship

A collaborative project with six other authors, this anthology educates its readers on the traits necessary to possess a successful courtship. We explain how connection, communication, consideration, consistency, contentment, conviction and commitment, when properly combined, can produce a wonderful result.


Love Me… PLEASE!!!

This story looks into the lives of four individuals – all whom have been plagued by rejection. They endure various hardships while in search of a solution to their misery. Why have they been rejected? Why can’t they be loved? If your have ever suffered with issues of abandonment; rape/molestation; low self-esteem; or infidelity, you will be able to identify with these characters who want so desperately to find a cure. Their daily prayer – Love Me…Please!