For the last 10 years

I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur having established a presence in the literary world as an author and publisher. In the last two years, I have expanded my portfolio to also include operating in the visual and performance arts sectors as an “actress” (below) and producer. As an advocate for the arts, my business is helping others to tell their stories using these various platforms.

*I earned an IMDb credit as an actress when I shared my story of abandonment and rejection in this 2020 documentary short.

Inspirational Talk with Toneal

I’ve been dropping knowledge and interacting with the public in some form for the last ten years. I’ve had blog talk shows and conducted broadcasts across social media. Whether Artist First or Blog Talk Radio; Periscope, Facebook, even Instagram, I have always enjoyed sharing information with others.

You name the topic, and I’ve probably talked about it! I started with my video broadcasts on Facebook four years ago. My first run, I was going live six days a week with what I called, R.E.C.A.P.S. – Relationships, Education, Communication, Authorpreneurship, Parenting, and Success Tips. For six months, I monitored my progress, and determined that it wasn’t necessary to do all six days; so I changed my format.

At one point, the theme became, “Woman of God. Woman in Business. Woman of Power.” With that, I went live three days of week discussing topics under the respective banners. Then I switched it up again, and just started doing random shows – one of the most popular being, Aspects of Authorpreneurship. No matter the day or time, I seem to get a resounding amount of viewers who want to know what it means to be an author.

The point is that, I have experimented A LOT to determine what works and what doesn’t, and I’m still figuring it out as I go. However, for me, along with being able to educate and empower, one of the most important elements is being able to have fun. To enjoy doing what I do. To quote Marc Anthony, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Inspirational Talk

gives me the opportunity to interview people from all walks of life. I’ve interviewed authors, artists, designers, and actors. However, this show wasn’t simply for entrepreneurs or even those in a mainstream industry, I also interviewed moms, dads, pastors, and school teachers. As long as you had a story that inspired someone, you could be a guest on the show! I’m seriously thinking about revamping that show…

*See the Light cast members from left to right: Freddie B. Robinson, Michael Yabes, Leland Stanford, Veronica C. Dillard, Bill Bailey, Ricky Pettigrew, Armon Robinson, Nicole Ruiz, Aretha Tatum, April Gary & Rel Torry

See the Light


I became an Award-Winning Producer with the inspirational short film, See the Light. Written and directed by Aretha Tatum, this movie sheds light on the serious topic of suicide.



I helped produce the comedic short, Social-Less, which addresses social media addiction. This project was special because my daughter, Autumn, made a cameo appearance.

Help Me Help My Son: The Ongoing Conversation


A continuation of her documentary, Help Me Help My Son, Lisa D. Adams brings this talk show to the small screen. The Ongoing Conversation is all about asking questions, seeking answers and providing solutions.