You Matter!!!

Many times, we forget that simple fact. Between the hustle and bustle of life, and everyone that we’ve obligated ourselves to, it can be so easy to forget about the person that wakes up with you, travels with you, and looks back at you in the mirror. People may attempt to make you feel guilty when you try to take time for yourself – especially if that time replaces the time you would normally use for them.

“You THAT busy?”

“You mean to tell me, you don’t have NO time?”

Initially, it may be difficult, but it is necessary to re-prioritize to ensure that even if you’re not at the top of your list, that you’re at least ON your list of things to do. Many have been so busy doing for others, or avoided tending to themselves for so long, that they’ve lost touch with who they are, what they like and/or need. DON’T be that person. Or, if you are, and you’ve noticed that you seem to be more miserable, stressed, or frustrated now than you’ve ever been, this may be the reason.

Take a moment to do a personal assessment and ask:

What are things I like to do? That make me smile? That bring me joy?

When was the last time I did any of these things?

What’s preventing me from doing them?

The reality is that not everything that we like to do require money, but it will require time – YOUR time. Only you can decide whether or not you’re willing, ready, and/or able to become your own priority. Remember, it’s not anyone else’s job to make you happy; that’s a personal choice. Question is, do you want it for yourself? I hope you do. I hope you take the time to do things with and for yourself because just like everyone else in your life, YOU MATTER!!!

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I am a married, mother of many who serves in numerous capacities - author, publisher, speaker, coach, filmmaker, activist, podcaster, visionary, humanitarian, mentor, and friend - just to name a few. Beyond any title or accolade, I'm here to educate and empower. That's my purpose. I help people realize their potential so they can become the best version of themselves and ultimately walk in their own purpose - boldly and unapologetically!

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