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PRAYER LIFE CLASSES (Wed: March 1 – May 31)

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This 13-week course will teach you how to incorporate prayer into your daily life and overcome your respective issues. Each week, I will walk you step-by-step and provide:

A scripture and practical explanation to help you gain clarity of your situation
A prayer tip that will help you establish a more effective prayer life

ONLY $229

Payment Plan available with a $79 deposit

Prayer Life Classes

SELF-CARE SEMINARS (Thurs: March 2 – May 25)

Based upon my soon-to-be-published book series, Building the Quintessential Self, this 12-week seminar is designed to help you:

Discover your true identity and embrace a deeper sense of self

Identify internal hindrances and teach you how to overcome them

Recognize external stumbling blocks and discover methods to conquer them

Reveal the rewards and benefits of self-discovery

ONLY $219

Payment Plan available with $69 deposit

Building the Quintessential Self


Based upon my Award-Winning book, this 9-week course is purposed to help you find H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. in your relationship! Each week we will…

Discuss a different letter of the acronym and show you how to practically apply it

Construct an action plan to build a better, stronger, healthier bond with yourself and others

ONLY $159

Payment Plan available with a $59 deposit