Instructional Videos

I have separated the videos into 7 categories. Feel free to purchase one from the set or get them all!!!

Launching a Business – GET THEM ALL FOR ONLY $40!!!

These videos are geared toward aspiring and novice entrepreneurs. They cover topics that individuals looking to start their own businesses will not only need but also appreciate!

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know – $17.95

Know Your Audience – $11.95

How to Promote Yourself – $14.95

Launching a Business

Writing a Book – GET THEM ALL FOR ONLY $40!!!

These videos are designed with the aspiring and novice author in mind. They will address many of the issues that arise during the writing process.

Book Basics – $14.95

How to Get Started – $11.95

Questions to Ask Editors & Publishers – $17.95

Writing a Book

*If you’re REALLY serious about being an author, take my Masterclass, Writing the Book & Beyond for only $497!!! Or, you can purchase the modules individually.

Writing: Gives step-by-step process to shape your book – $79

a) Choosing a topic

b) Creating an outline 

c) Doing your research 

d) Developing content 

Bonus – When to hire a ghostwriter 

Editing: Explains the concepts and necessity of the process – $69

a) The importance of editing 

b) Line editing 

c) Copy editing 

d) Developmental editing 

Bonus – How to Hire an Editor 

Publishing: Breaks down each type and helps you decide which is best for you – $129

a) Self-publishing 

b) Hybrid/Vanity publishing 

c) Traditional publishing 

d) Creating cover concepts 

Bonus – How to Hire a Publisher 

Marketing: Teaches how to execute a plan for a successful launch – $99

a) Developing a literary blueprint 

b) Executing pre-orders

c) Building book buzz

d) Getting book reviews 

Bonus – Most Effective Marketing Materials 

Promoting: Instructs various ways to spread the word about your product – $89

a) Establishing an online presence 

b) Establishing an offline presence 

c) Cross promotions

d) Joint ventures

Bonus – Your Network Equals Your Net Worth

Sales: Explains how you get paid – $79

a) Accepting payments 

b) Legalities (copyrights and contracts)

c) Royalties 

d) Distribution channels 

Writing a Book and Beyond

Social Media Training – GET THEM ALL FOR ONLY $40!!!

If you have a business of any kind (or are thinking of starting one), you NEED to implement social media into your marketing strategy. These videos will help you determine which platform works best for you as well as how to use it to get the results you desire.

Which Social Media Platform Should You Use – $14.95

Setting Up Your Fan Page – $13.95

Using Your Network to Increase Your Net Worth – $17.95

Social Media Training

Work/Life Balance – GET THEM ALL FOR ONLY $35!!!

If you have a desire to succeed in life, whether personally or professionally, but you struggle trying to create a formula that will help you achieve your goal(s), these videos will help!

How to Deal with Stress – $11.95

Setting a Schedule – $11.95

Habits of Successful People – $17.95

Work/Life Balance

Time Management – GET THEM ALL FOR ONLY $35!!!

Does it seem as though there are more things to do than there are hours in the day? Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed? Does procrastinating seem to come too easy? Well, if you want to learn how to use the time you have more effectively so you can get better results, these videos are for YOU!!!

Goals vs Plans – $14.95

How to Make the Most of Your Time – $11.95

Incorporating Nothing into Your Day – $12.95

Time Management

Money Matters – GET THEM ALL FOR ONLY $30

Does it seem like no matter how much money you make you’re always broke? Do you have a business and unsure exactly how much you should be spending? Whether for personal or professional use, these videos will help you understand how to better allocate your funds so you can finally have something to show for all of your hard work!

Budgeting for Entrepreneurs – $12.95

Secrets to Saving – $11.95

Funds for Everything – $12.95

Money Matters