In 2021, while working with my writing group, I asked one of the ladies to read her work. In it, she shared what depression looked like on her husband. It was at that moment, that I was compelled to create a project for men. We were still dealing with the after effects of the George Floyd death and I knew it was necessary to create something to address the lack of social justice for African-American men.

After the debut and subsequent success of that documentary (it won six film festivals nationally and internationally), different people began to ask if I’d create something for women. At the time, I wasn’t led to do so, but that changed in 2023. This time around, the goal was to produce a work that discussed and highlighted various obstacles women face.

All filmmakers are different as far as what drives their creativity. For me, it’s about heightening awareness of societal issues to generate solution-based conversations. While receiving awards and accolades is great, resolving the problems presented in my documentaries is the ultimate goal.