It has always come naturally for me to help others. In high school, I used to tutor my peers. As a parent, I pour into my children. Because I’ve raised not only my own but others as well, people were always asking how I managed to find the energy, time and capacity to do it all. Once I entered the literary world, almost immediately other authors and aspiring writers were asking for my assistance. Since I have a genuine passion for helping people realize their dreams and walk in their purpose, I created various tools to accomplish this task.

Consultations – great when you need a little guidance. Gives you the ability to ask the necessary questions to point you in the right direction. Click the link to schedule your consult!

Classes – good for those who learn best in a group setting. Even if you can’t attend the live session, the replay link will give you that classroom atmosphere.

Videos – ideal for independent learners. You have the opportunity to take notes and learn at your own pace.

Coaching Programs – best for those who need an accountability partner. These programs are customized for each client based on their individual need/goal. We work together to build a blueprint purposed to execute your plan. Because of the intensity of these programs and the high demand on my time, I only accept two clients each month. You can enroll in either a 4, 6 or 12 week program. Serious inquiries only.

4-week Program: $900

Ideal for the self-starter who simply needs guidance. This person able to follow instructions and meet deadlines. Weekly 90-minute virtual meetings.

6-week Program: $1500

Purposed for the individual who needs more accountability to execute. This person can follow instructions but may get easily overwhelmed and/or distracted. Two weekly 60-minute virtual meetings.

12-week Program: $2400

This is geared toward the individual who has the desire – but that’s about it! This person needs help outlining the process and designing a means of execution. Staying on track is a struggle and accountability is needed. There are a total of 24 meetings:

Three weekly 60-minute virtual meetings the first 4 weeks – 12 total

Two weekly 60-minute virtual meetings the second 4 weeks – 8 total

One weekly 90-minute virtual meeting the last 4 weeks – 4 total

*If within the Chicagoland area, in-person meetings can be arranged for an additional $50 per session.

Coaching Programs