Children’s Books

Four Girls: A Lot of Choices 

Based on my times with my girls, this book discusses the trials and smiles associated with parenthood. More than just a mother’s recollection of life with her children, this work teaches character education; emphasizes the importance of family; and encourages the reader to embrace the value of love.


Four Girls Learn Their Colors

In this rhyming tale, the four girls learn their colors. Oldest sister, Autumn, returns from school having learned that colors are grouped as being either primary or secondary. She spends her time teaching younger sisters Areana, Angele, and Jeriah how to differentiate between the two.


Growing Up to be Happy

Life can appear very tough. Trying to decide what to be, and what road to travel to obtain that goal can be difficult. Pressure from peers, society, and sometimes even family can make life seem downright overwhelming. In order to simplify a complicated situation, consider the most important factor: What does it take to be happy? After all, nothing you possess will matter if you can’t enjoy it! This work is written with a universal appeal. Whether eight, eighteen, or eighty, it compels the reader to deeply reflect upon a topic that most take for granted.