Black Man Extravaganza

In February 2021, while working on a different project, I was prompted to create a book for men, from men, about men. So many times, society assumes that men ought to naturally be strong no matter what they face, and if/when they show vulnerability, it is typically not well-received. Additionally, I felt that the history of black people (the way our children learn it) should include some “everyday heroes” – men who are doing great things, helping to establish a moral code and maintain family values, but may not be recognized because they are not celebrities.

I initially set out to write a compilation; after my second interview, I knew that more should be done with the content. So, I decided to also create a documentary to help capture a more complete essence of this topic. Although these men collectively hail from 12 states; ages range from 30-70; possess drastically different professions (blue collar, white collar, and everything in between), I was quite surprised how just the fact that they were all black men in America enabled them to have such similar stories.

Want to know what they had to say? Not only will you have an opportunity to buy the book and watch the documentary as they debut February 2022, but you’re also invited to the “After Party”! We’re going to take some time to celebrate our black men… Reserve your seats for The Black Man Extravaganza today!!!

Black Man Extravaganza

The year is 2022, however, times don’t seem to have really changed at all. How is it that we have advanced so much technologically yet remain stagnant civilly? In the wake of senseless killings of black men such as Trayvon Martin, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd, is it possible to think that society will ever value the lives of black men? Is it fair to ask that of society when black lives don’t even seem to matter to those from within its own community?

In, Being A Black Man…It’s Harder than You Think, International Award-Winning Author, Toneal M. Jackson interviews 28 black men of various ages, professions, and geographical backgrounds to address the question, “what does it means to be a black man in today’s society?” The notion is that understanding his reality, as he perceives it, will hopefully destroy stereotypical thinking and help strengthen relationships among the family and community.

Paperback – $20.00

Hardcover – $25.00