Black Man Project

On February 28, 2022, I hosted a private screening of my documentary at the Cinema Chatham theatre on 87th Street in Chicago to celebrate the gentlemen from my book, in what I affectionately called, The Black Man Extravaganza!!! Men from Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, as well as various parts of the Chicagoland area attended. Because of the overwhelming reception and response of the film, my desire is to host Black Man Summits. These events will provide a safe space for men to view the documentary, discuss the book, Being A Black Man… It’s Harder than You Think, and share their feelings about the current state of affairs and various issues they endure. The summits will not be held solely in Chicago, but in various states across the country. Please stay connected so you can be notified of the upcoming 2023 schedule.

Interested in scheduling a summit for your church or community organization? Email me!