Awards Gala

Originally called, “The Book Awards”, I created this event in 2017 as a way to honor independent authors and entrepreneurs. Because I am one, I know the work that goes into our craft and how rare it is to be shown appreciation. I also understand how encouraging and empowering it can be to not only be recognized for your efforts, but also be in a room with other like-minded individuals. I hadn’t seen anything like it being done, so I took it upon myself to be the change I wanted to see. Although it’s hosted in Chicago, we have had people join us from all across the country – attendees have hailed from Delaware, Kentucky, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, and more. Its held the 4th Thursday in August; I chose this day to serve like a “Day of Thanks” to and for Indies.

Here’s a look at what others have said about what has been called, “The Black Oscars”…

Save the Date… The 8th Annual APS Awards Gala is Thursday, August 22, 2024!