I joined this creative writing community of dedicated writers from Chicagoland and around the world back in 2012.

When I first became an author, there were few organizations that was as well-rounded as Chicago Writers Association. They offer authors a variety of opportunities to participate in speaker bureaus, their Book of the Year contest and their conferences. I’ve participated in many of their literary events over the years. I have the honor of being a speaker at the 2022 Let’s Just Write Conference in March.

40 Under 40

The year was 2016…

I’ll never forget that fall, somehow I’d heard about this group, the Young Women Professionals League. A friend had nominated me to be a member. I was honored simply because someone thought enough of me, but then to be selected – I was speechless. This organization is comprised of incredible women in various industries throughout the Chicagoland area who are at the top of their game, believe in service and philanthropy, and are under the age of 40. I was 36 when I was inducted.


In 2019, I was inducted into the Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized. P.O.W.E.R. features celebrities, icons and everyday hardworking women from different backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. These women work in various industries and professions on a national level. For more about this prestigious organization , visit:

Illinois Green Party

I have NEVER and I mean NEVER been into politics. Granted, I’ve voted since I was 18 – it was my civic duty, right? However, I never really understood why I was voting for the respective individuals other than the fact that they were Democrats. The way I was always (erroneously) taught was that poor and black or poor, black people vote Democratic; rich, white people vote Republican. Perhaps more was said and I just caught the cliff notes, but in either case, for most of my adult life, I was misinformed and uneducated. I had no clue what the candidates stood for; if I’m truthful, I didn’t really know what the democratic party believed. I just voted the way I was taught.

It wasn’t until 2020, while doing research for one of my social media broadcasts, that I discovered the Green Party. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I had never even heard of the Green Party. However, once I read about them and their beliefs, I immediately decided that if I was going to support a political party, it would be the Greens. After all, their core values align with my own; the fact that they are independent was just icing on the cake! If you desire to learn more about the Green Party, visit: