This is such a seemingly simple question, right?

However, I always say that the answer depends on who you ask!

To my husband, I’m simply, “Toneal”. For my girls, I’m just, “Mom or Momma”. Many consider me a friend or confidante. In the church realm, I’m known as “Evangelist” or “Missionary”; many say that I’m a great choir directress.

Professionally, there are those who look to me for guidance and mentorship, and they refer to me as, “Coach”. Those who read my books look to me as, “Author”. Those who I’ve helped to transform their manuscripts to books call me, “Publisher”.

Within the last couple of years, Actress and Producer have been added to my resume. Here’s a look at some of the projects added to my IMDb credits:

In 2022, I released my song, Remembering as a tribute to my mother to commemorate the 20th year anniversary of her death.

In 2022, I also ran for office as a Green Party Candidate

I never thought of myself as a politician, more as a public servant, so to officially be endorsed was an honor.

Although I didn’t win, I did receive over 250k votes… not too bad for a first time runner of an independent party that doesn’t accept corporate contributions!!!


I always find myself helping others – not just personally, professionally, politically, and socially, but also spiritually. After my husband’s pastoral appointment in 2015, I transitioned into being “First Lady”, now responsible for mentoring and providing guidance to those in the church.

Regardless of the arena, the common denominator is what I look to do for others.

My target audience is independents, the underdogs – those who mainstream typically reject. My mission is to inform and inspire and provide platforms and opportunities for them to do the same for others.

I unapologetically wear many hats. Despite the title, industry, or assignment, I consciously and intentionally walk IN purpose, ON purpose, WITH purpose… I exist to educate and empower!!!